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Access control

Control who comes and goes from your building

High security access control to protect your property and assets

No matter how sturdy the entrance doors to your building are, if they are secured with keys your business at risk. Lost or stolen keys punch a potential hole right through your security leaving your business vulnerable to intruders. Install access control and cut out the need for keys to give you complete control over who enters your property.

Make changing locks a thing of the past with electronic access control

Choice of entry methods

From a simple key pad to fobs, cards and tokens, you can choose how your staff arrive and leave the building. Whatever method you choose, it is simple to block one or all of the units to exclude undesirables and secure your building from unwanted visitors. We can also add video and voice controls as an added level of security.

Access controls work inside and out

From hospitals to research facilities and schools to stockrooms, many businesses have the need to limit access to certain areas of the building. Eastbourne Alarm Maintenance Ltd will be happy to install interior access controls so you can limit who comes and goes from sensitive areas.

To discuss the right access controls for your building call 01323 729 420.

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